Noam Tamir, Founder & Fitness Coach

Noam opened TS Fitness with the vision of creating a community-rich fitness environment that people really looked forward to coming to. His staff is not just made up of top-notch coaches but great people that make members feel connected and valued. Noam is inspired by getting people feeling better and accomplishing whatever goals they have. When he's not at TS Fitness, you can find him enjoying live music and spending time with his family.


NSCA- CSCS, SFG Level 1, TRX Group & Individual, FMS Level 1 & 2, Pre/Post Natal Certified

Henry Halse, Fitness Coach & Head of Programming

Henry is a personal trainer from New Jersey. He got into fitness to improve his tennis game then started training his friends. After graduating with a degree in Exercise Science from Ithaca College, Henry moved to Boston to work with athletes. He then moved to Philadelphia, where he was an independent personal trainer for three years. He's also a fitness writer, and currently writes for Henry believes that becoming fit is a Sisyphean task, so the key is to do workouts and activities that you enjoy. Outside of the gym, Henry likes to play tennis, travel, and read.


Degree-Clinical Exercise Science. NSCA-CSCS, ACSM-CPT, FMS-Level 1

Elvin James, Fitness Coach & Vegan

Being a coach allows Elvin to partake in two of his favorite aspects of life: being able to be helpful by assisting clients in reaching their fitness goals and meeting both clients and trainers from all walks of life. Elvin lives by three “F’s”: family, food, and fitness. He believes that family is a strong support system will help to propel us to the heights we’re all trying to reach. As for food, he feels that sticking to a healthy, balanced diet is the key to achieving your goals. And finally fitness-- being consistent with your exercise regimen gets results, When he isn’t coaching you can find Elvin shooting hoops, playing baseball, and spending time with his dog.



Julia Falamas, Fitness Coach, Kids Exercise Specialist & Olympic Lifting Competitor 

To Julia, fitness is a tool of empowerment. Not just because it can help you look or feel better, but because it teaches you how to set goals and be diligent in your pursuit of those goals. As a coach, Julia helps people learn about themselves and break past boundaries that they might otherwise not. Her biggest fitness philosophy is constant challenge. If you expect anything to happen, you have to challenge yourself daily. When Julia is not coaching, she competes in Olympic Weightlifting and can snatch her body weight.


CFSC, USA Weightlifting L1, Crossfit Level-1, RKC Hardstyle Kettlebell, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

Lee Ryan, Fitness Coach & Boxing Specialist

Lee Stephen Ryan is TS’s very own British import. Lee has been a fitness professional since 2007, starting out in San Francisco, then Los Angeles before relocating to New York City. Growing up, Lee ran track, played soccer and competed as a Muay Thai fighter - which he attributes to helping him develop a passion for working with others and sharing his knowledge of movement and exercise. Lee spent three years working as a uniformed police officer in central London where his fitness and physicality was vital in making arrests and carrying out his duties. Lee is well versed on the benefits of using exercise to offset stress and build mental fortitude and he prides himself on developing strong relationships with his clients to further their own goals.



Alejandro Terrazas, Fitness Coach & Online Trainer 

Coming to the United States from Bolivia when Alejandro was only 14 was a challenge, from learning a new culture, to language to overall lifestyle. His struggle with being bullied and always being told that he was incapable of anything made his life a true challenge. As he grew older he developed the skill to attain confidence and mental strength through fitness, allowing himself to become a lion who tears his fears apart. In a society where we lack self confidence and motivation, Alejandro believes as a coach his job is to help any client truly master their fears through training. And by becoming stronger, powerful and unleashing themselves from those chains of “you can’t”. He motivates every single client to make their own shadow, and develop a new and stronger healthy lifestyle. He's here to help you live longer. 


AAPT, NASM-Group Fitness

Alyssa Gagarin, Fitness Coach & Nutritious Life Coach

Alyssa's favorite part about being a coach is helping others to discover their best selves. She believes that it is so empowering to discover your own strength and abilities through a smart and effective training program. Alyssa loves to guide people to reach their full potential and to help them find an active and nutritious lifestyle through food and fitness. When she is not training, you can find Alyssa in the kitchen whipping up some magical recipes as well as acting.


ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
Nutritious Life Certified by Keri Glassman’s The Nutrition School

Julie Tamir, HIIT Coach & Brand Director

Julie is the Founder of Principals, a Brand Strategy and Design consultancy focused on Fitness and Wellness. When her passion for fitness took over, she added coaching to her capabilities. Julie is most passionate about HIIT, Strength Training, Cycling, & Yoga. She has completed 5 triathlons and 2 half marathons. Julie teaches Studio Cycling and Cycle Beats at Equinox. Her company also re-branded TS and manages the branding and marketing.


AFAA Group Fitness Certification & Schwinn Cycling

Krystal Molina, Front Desk & Footballer

Krystal she loves to engage with individuals who are dedicated to changing their lives through fitness. She understands and admires the commitment, hard work, and sweat it takes to to better one’s health and physique. Krystal lives by the motto that nothing worth having comes easy. When she’s not at TS Fitness, you can find Krystal playing in the Women’s Football Association as a wide receiver and safety for the New York Sharks.

Front Desk Reception

Anthony Dinh-Le, Front Desk & Dragon Boat Racer

Anthony loves being in the gym and paddling for DCH, a dragon boat team in Queens. He sees fitness as one of the best ways people can challenge themselves and see progress. Anthony believes that when you’re able to conquer little challenges, it helps you prepare to conquer big ones. He loves to give a helping hand wherever he can. When Anthony is not at TS, you can find him paddling for DCH, or volunteering for New York Presbyterian.

Front Desk Reception