Group Personal Training


2 Weeks, 4 Sessions. $199.

Your personal strength and conditioning program leverages proven Metabolic Resistance Training to create a muscle tone building, fat burning and metabolism boosting workout. Your training is personalized to your body and goals. 

Experience our motto--together stronger: You will be paired with at max 3 fellow athletes to 1 top coach. 

How it WORKS

  1. Try It: Contact us below and we will schedule a short  phone consultation to learn about your goals and share more about how our program works. We want to make sure we are a good fit for the goals you that are trying to reach. 
  2. Train: We set you up with your 2 week trial that includes 4 sessions. When coming in for your first session, please arrive 15 minutes early. Our trainer will guide you through a movement assessment so we create a program tailored to you.
  3. Sign Up: Book your remaining trial sessions through the front desk. Once you move past the trial to become a full time Client, you will be able to book your sessions through our online app.



Schedule a Phone Consultation

We will reach out within 24 hours. 

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