Eric's Transformation Story



Over the past 7 years, we’ve helped transform the lives of hundreds of clients. We spoke to Eric Haugen, Chief Operating Officer of Restaurants at Zakarian Hospitality about his experience at TS Fitness.

Eric started working out at TS Fitness after Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian (a TS Client) gifted him a series of Group Personal Training sessions. Eric saw results from his first few sessions at TS, ultimately becoming a full-time client. “TS Fitness unlocked the mysteries of working out,” said Eric. “I understood the importance of working out your core and how it supports all of your other workouts.” He realized that after adopting a healthier lifestyle, he felt better throughout the day.

As part of his transformation journey, Eric made changes to his entire diet. For about 4-6 months, he eliminated carbs, red meat, sugar, and alcohol while training at TS. “25% of the challenge was fitness and the rest was diet” said Eric. Noam and his team help were always available to provide support and education as it often difficult to find proper health advice. “There is so much bad information available on the internet. If you go to a vitamin store, the sales associate may just be trying to sell you something instead of providing you with the right supplement” said Eric.

Even though Eric spends most of his time in restaurants, he was able to request healthier meals like lean chicken and fish from the kitchen staff, eliminating the temptation of spoiling his diet. Eric also believes that it is not wise to deprive yourself of the things you love and to enjoy them when you do. “It’s OK to have a cheat day once in awhile,” said Eric. “If you are going to have butter, make sure it is the best butter,” he said.  Over the course of about 7 months, Eric saw an amazing transformation-- he lost over 50 pounds and 9% body fat. “This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” said Eric.