Balanced Habits: Success Stories

Balanced Habits: Success Stories

TS teamed up with Balanced Habits, a leading nutrition coaching program, to launch a Fall Nutrition Challenge. Our group of 22 Kickstarters recently completed the 28 day program so we’re really excited to share the results and experiences of our program participants!

We offered the program because we knew that so many of us put in the work at the gym but figuring out proper nutrition holds us back from seeing the results that we want. Our goal was to create a program that would instill sustainable eating habits to help our clients for years, not just for the 28 days of the program. As a group, the TS team lost over 136 pounds in 28 days !

Happy Faces of Success

Happy Faces of Success

Eye on The Prize

Just like in our fitness programs, each of our clients have different goals. For instance, Jackie Regan, an avid weightlifter, looked to improve her eating habits while sustaining her training routine.  “I have always struggled with food choices and never really put my diet first. This program taught me that I can still enjoy food while at the same time managing portions and making the right choices about what goes into each meal,” said Jackie.

The program really demonstrated the benefits of what improving nutrition can do to your workout routine.  “When Coach Noam approached me with joining the program, I was excited but a little nervous. I didn't want the program to have an effect on my strength, Jackie said.

Fortunately, the clean eating habits improved her workouts, especially HIIT. “  I have been killing my workouts. AMRAPs and EMOMs that I would once struggle through - came a little easier. One of my journaling notes reads ‘Feel great. Burpees were easy during tonight's workout"! That would never have come out of my mouth but it is true. I am feeling the strongest and best I have ever felt!”

Creating Healthy Routines

And like the name of the program states, its about changing habits. Balanced Habits recommends that participants space meals out every 4 hours without any snacks. Julie Lamb, discovered the benefits of eating on a schedule. “It completely upended my routine of eating a big breakfast and dinner, and snacking (rather mindlessly) throughout the day. While I wasn't restricting calories dramatically, or changing a lot of the kinds of foods I was eating, the shift to consuming consistent calories at very specific, regular intervals all day long really worked for me,” said Julie.

Balanced Habits, in addition to tasty recipes, provided great resources that made following the program a bit easier. One such resource is “grab and go” sheets that allows participants the ability to create their own meals, while sticking to the program. “The grab and go list was extremely useful and helped to keep the meals simple and convenient,” said Sal Internicola. Jackie agreed. “I love to cook and the cheat sheet was an easy way to turn my own recipes into meals that fit in this program with easy substitutions,” she said.


Starting a new program is never easy and Julie found the first week to be difficult as her body adapted. “I was hangry. And my runs were rough! I was trying to adhere very strictly to the program but I couldn’t execute my long runs,” said Julie. Julie was at peak marathon training, running over 50 miles a week in addition to teaching yoga and taking GPT.  Julie had to adjust her pre-run nutrition plan and that helped. “Week 2 was hard in its own way because I didn’t lose as much as the first week, but then weeks 3-4 were great. I wasn’t hangry, or hungry, anymore,” said Julie. Julie saw excellent results. “Overall I lost 9 pounds so I feel really great about that.

Sal discovered that sticking this Balanced Habits routine was a challenge in social situations. “I found it difficult to completely sustain from drinking alcohol, especially during celebratory occasions with my friends. The first few days were hard to get through!” said Sal. Meanwhile, Julie had to the navigate the program alone at home. “I think the hardest part was maintaining an iron will living with a partner who was not on the plan. And remaining strong when my kids asked me to share a snack or treat with them”, said Julie. “I was careful to never tell them I was on a diet, I just said no thank you, firmly but gently, and said I wasn’t hungry (even if I was!).”

Looking to the Future


Sal and Jackie are both excited to continue their progress. “During the 28 day challenge, I lost a total of 18.5 pounds and won the contest! I even had to buy a new suit!” said Sal. “I have already incorporated the challenge’s portion awareness by continuing to measure units each day,” he said. Jackie is continuing with the program on her own. “I joined the Balanced Habits monthly recipe subscription and have continued with my food journaling,” said Jackie. “I also have learned that you can still enjoy a night out or a few glasses of wine and that the program was really a lifestyle change and not so much a diet” she said.

Jackie is also proud of her success, not only losing 7 pounds but also 6 inches off her waist.

Coach Rachel and Hannah, who led our program, are so proud of our Kickstarters. “A lot of our clients are seeing amazing strength gains in the gym, but people don’t realize how BIG of a role nutrition plays when it comes to fat loss,” said Rachel. We were so proud of all our participants. We saw such determination and success!” she said.

Nutrition isn’t a quick fix but creating healthy habits can have a lasting impact on your fitness and typically is the deciding factor in meeting your goals. At TS, we are here to build you up and provide you the tools necessary for you to reach the goals that you want for yourself.

Spots are now open for our January challenge.  Email for more details.