*Disclaimer: (Clients Results. Clients fitness results vary from client to client. In no way does TS Fitness guarantee any type of fitness results.)

* I was tired of not getting to where I wanted to be. I worked out at home but needless to say I never got the results I wanted. I was void of energy and motivation. As a surgeon and specialist in my field I thought well that’s easy….just go to the experts! This is when I sought out Noam and his phenomenal group of trainers. From the moment I walked into TS I felt an energy that naturally permeates you. TS Fitness’s approach was the real deal and very scientifically based. He designed a program to suit my needs and to help get to my goals. Lose weight, look better and have more energy for myself and those that I love the most my family. The environment is always friendly,non intimidating and motivating. The trainers push you to new limits…limits you didn’t know were there. You can’t simply do that without professional help. At TS you’re encountered by knowledgeable trainers who help you achieve your goals and reveal new ones.
— Michael Z.

* All the trainers and staff at TS were supportive, encouraging and kept me accountable for coming to my sessions, taking weekly HIIT classes and keeping up with my nutrition. The awesome trainers make the classes fly by and since our programs are personalized you see and feel results week by week. Most importantly they have encouraged a lifestyle change not just a short-term goals. I’m happy to see major results in three short months and I can’t wait to see how much farther I can go. Thank you TS Fitness for everything!
— Mary V.

*I used to work out on my own but found that I would get bored of my routines and eventually not exercise consistently. In search of a gym that would keep me focused and help me with new programs to improve my overall fitness I came across TS Fitness and gave it a try. I’ve been training here for over a year now , originally at their 58th street location and now at their Brand New location on 61st street. I have semi-privately (no more than 4 clients at a time) twice a week and also attend their HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes once a week. At TS Fitness, Owner Noam Tamir and his team of personal coaches keep your routines fresh every month, creating new, personalized programs that help improve your overall fitness in a safe, monitored environment. The sense of community created here makes exercising more enjoyable. Thanks to TS Fitness, I am in the best shape of my life. I highly recommend you give them a try and join the TS Fitness Family.
— Sal H.


*I had been working out on my own for about 20 years…. thought I knew it all…Noam proved me very wrong. His enthusiasm and knowledge for fitness was infectious. The upshot was I actually stuck to his program, learned new things, and didn’t injure myself as I achieved my goals. Well 12 years later I am still at it with Noam and I continue learning and growing. The trainers at TS stay on the cutting edge of fitness, and they really care for their clients. I’ve created new friends and look forward to my sessions here. Thank you TS Fitness!
— John L.

* The TS Team are not your typical fitness instructors… they know how to keep me mentally focused and how to build my confidence while keeping me motivated; these are the true signs of great coaches… they make you want to work out. I used to wear plus size outfits- now I shop in the petite department. Nothing beats waking up in the morning feeling happy, hopeful and energetic!
— Pamela R


* I knew Noam when he was a trainer at a big chain gym. When I heard that he opened up his own place I had to come check it out. TS Fitness did not disappoint. The facility is clean, has everything you need to train effectively and the staff know their stuff. The workout programs that I have received here have by far created the most results I have ever had. This is the place to be to get the results you want.
— Marc S.

* The TS Team are not just trainers ; they coach you, pushing you and empowering you each step of the way. Working with them I have gained more confidence than I have ever had in my life or ever believed that I would have. I have lost 20 pounds and quite a percentage of body fat in the first six months that I have trained at TS Fitness. I have strength, and pride in my body and myself. To feel this way is truly priceless and I could not have gotten here without TS Fitness.
— Colette S.


* Every bride wants to look her best on her big day and TS Fitness helped me accomplish that goal! I decided to work with a personal trainer 2-3 times per week. My TS Fitness coach designed my workouts to be both fun, challenging and unique. They took the time to look at the pictures from my dress fittings and highlighted which areas of my body we should focus on more. I hit the jackpot when I decided to sign up for a personal coach at TS Fitness. I’ve never in my life received so many compliments about my body. My girlfriends compared my arms, abs and legs to Jessica Beil and Julianne Hough! and said your husband must be pretty happy about it too!
— Liz W.


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