Mobility Right From Your Desk

We recently had the opportunity to teach a resistance band seminar at an accounting firm. Accountants love to spend long hours getting absorbed into their work, which is typically done at a desk. Based on recent research, sitting for long periods of time can be one of the worst things for your health. Many people…

August 16, 2017
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Semi-Private Personal Training System for Success


Get The Best Semi-Private Personal Training With TS Fitness When you sign up for semi-private personal training at TS Fitness, you’re going to get a personalized workout with your own corrective exercises to make sure you start every workout working towards better movement and better results.  All of our members you come in for a…

August 2, 2017
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A Dynamic Approach to Your Health with TS Fitness


Are you trying to get back on track with your health and fitness routine? Take a look at our training programs at TS Fitness. With our holistic approach to your health, we will set you on a sure path to success in your fitness journey.   Interval Strength Training Interval Strength training is a method…

July 21, 2017
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5 Great Reasons to Start HIIT Training in NYC Today


Summer is in full swing — now is the best time to get started on a solid workout routine so you can look and feel your best! Luckily you can join TS Fitness, a world-class top rated HIIT studio in New York City run by fitness expert Noam Tamir. Here are five reasons to get started…

July 14, 2017
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Starting on the Right Feet with Fitness in New York City


At TS Fitness in New York City, aka the concrete jungle, we recommend from the initial assessment that our clients train in their socks or barefoot.  A huge majority of us have weak feet because society forces us to wear shoes, disconnecting us from the ground.  So much comes from the ground up and if we…

June 21, 2017
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Community is Stronger than any Fitness Program


  Three years ago I joined a coaching program lead by 3 guys, Chris Merritt, Todd Bumgardner and Mike Connolly.  I met them through fitness certifications and networking events. Their vision was to create a community of fitness coaches wanting to further themselves personally and professionally through education and comradery.   Fast forward to today there are…

May 23, 2017
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Hack my Health…Protein Pointers


Go Greek Everyone knows that Greek Yogurt is one of the most reliable ways to gain a protein boost. A lesser-known fact about Greek Yogurt is that it can be a substitute for a variety of things. It can replace mayonnaise, salad dressings, whip cream, sour cream, butter, cream cheese, and oil. It can also…

March 28, 2017
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Five Ways to Pack on Protein in a New York City Fast-Paced Morning


Getting your morning dose of protein may not be your first priority on a busy morning. But, eating the recommended amounts of protein for breakfast can fuel your body for the entire day, help your body build/maintain muscles, and reduce insulin levels. A high protein breakfast will also reduce carbohydrate cravings, limit overeating, and improve…

March 6, 2017
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Let’s Start with More Protein and go from there

balanced diet, cooking, culinary and food concept - close up of different foodstuffs on table

Getting the optimal amount of protein intake in any given meal is challenging in itself.   To achieve the ideal amount of protein intake for breakfast alone, you need to ingest 30 grams of protein.  A lot of the time, accessing the adequate amount of protein for breakfast is difficult because it’s not easily accessible.  But,…

February 28, 2017
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What’s Your Why?


I just got out of the most inconsistent few months of exercise since I was 16 years old.  I injured my shoulder and my lower back and with that came building up stress, poor sleep and excessive eating of sugary food.  Even fitness professionals have their struggles with staying on track.  I watched my body…

January 19, 2017
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