Alone Strong, Together Stronger.



“TS” (TAMIR SYSTEMS), was created by Founder, Noam Tamir, and is based upon the notion that people are stronger with correct education, coaching, and guidance. We place emphasis on personal growth through community. TS Fitness is a top personal training , semi-private and group fitness training studio in NYC. We approach our clients as individuals by developing customized and progressive programs based on the top teachings in the industry to achieve real results. #TogetherStronger

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Work with certified personal trainers who will take you through a focused workout .



  • Ben K
    Aug,16 2016
    Noam and the trainers at TS Fitness are great! Top notch expertise, friendly, and great motivators. I can't even cheat a little as I get tired. They emphasize form and natural progression even in their small group classes. Nice, clean gym space with versaclimbers and ski machine which you normally don't see.
  • Julie Zukof
    May,24 2016
    TS FITNESS is not only a place to achieve your goals, it is a community. The changes and results you see in the people around you proves that there is truth to the magic of the program and the motivation the trainers gives you.
  • Cassie Harwood
    Mar,22 2016
    I just love TS Fitness! I joined about a month before my wedding back in April and couldn't believe the results in just a month. I have continued my membership as it is such a great way to workout. Everyone is friendly, knowledgable and the space is great! i can't praise this place enough!
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  • Harold Arnwine
    Jul,05 2015
    It is no exaggeration to say that TS Fitness is the one of the best things that has happened to me. I had known Noam for several years when I met him on the street one day and he asked me to try his new gym, TS Fitness. I was skeptical because I’ve never been one for exercise but decided to try it anyway. I was blown away. Noam and his staff are amazing. The personal attention you receive in the semi-private sessions is key to the whole process. The trainers have an individualized program just for you. You follow the program and results follow. The trainers are knowledgeable and very interactive in their guidance. They encourage you to do more and reach for higher goals. I also like the mix of age and fitness level. It is a more realistic scene. Further, the trainers and your fellow clients are very personable and a small community forms that encourages one another. It is really a great experience and I highly recommend it.
  • Christina R.
    Jan,27 2016
    I have been doing semi-private training at TS Fitness for over two years now and have loved every minute. I never could have believed that going to a trainer once or twice a week could totally transform my body the way it has, but it is possible. I used to lift weights on my own (three times per week) and was very skeptical of the benefit of hiring a trainer. I doubted that the results I would get with a trainer would be any different than lifting on my own. I couldn’t have been more wrong. In all the years I lifted weights, I never saw the results I have seen working out with Noam and Corina. I am stronger and more toned and I still feel continuous improvement every time I go (and I never skip leg day!). The trainers at TS focus on form, mobility, strength, and what works for you. They design training programs specific to the person, which change every eight sessions, so it never gets boring. Their semi-private training is perfect for someone who wants the attention of the trainer, to include the individual work out plans and associated results, but who doesn’t want to pay more for private sessions. The semi-private sessions never have more than 5 people in the session (usually fewer, depending on when you work out) and are more affordable than other gyms I have researched. TS also offers High Intensity Training (HIT) classes, which I attend every once in a while, and are always a blast and a great workout! I’ve never had so much fun while getting my butt kicked. Robert is super enthusiastic and between his energy and the variation in the exercises, the time passes very quickly and you walk away knowing you got a great workout. TS is also a community that offers encouragement and support. I know several of the people who work out there (I didn’t know anyone at my old gym) and I know all the trainers, and have worked out with most of them. They’re all highly energetic, friendly people who know their craft and want to make you better and stronger. They’re easy to talk to about your concerns or questions, and share the goal of wanting you to stay injury free while increasing your strength. I highly recommend this gym if you want to improve your fitness and overall health.
  • Daniel Bernstein
    Feb,04 2016
    Love this place! This is a very neighborhood friendly place and the trainers and staff have NO egos. Only studio I know that spends so much time focused on warming up your muscles appropriately. I have been to a lot of HITT classes in NYC, and TS HITT classes are great! Very challenging, but unlike so many other classes, they actually watch you like a hawk and will correct your form. Everyone should check out TS Fitness, especially if you live in Midtown East or UES!









One Week Trial  Work with certified personal trainers who will take you through a focused workout .